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Games and apps have become an integral part of the world. It is impossible to imagine a world without apps and games. However, when apps and games are connected to Google, things get fascinating. As you already know, Google Play Store has everything that you know, and with the innovative subscription, you can benefit more. The $5 subscription will help you get paid apps and games that you are looking forward to installing. If you have this subscription, you will be able to access 350 plus games and apps. Even though the Play Pass Plan is available for the citizens of the US, it will later be extended to people around the world. Therefore, also, if you are not a US citizen, you can be up-to-date with the information.

If you prefer Google Play Pass, you should consider the ten days free trial option. This is one of the best features because you don’t have to pay without checking how it works. The best feature is that if anyone signs up during the post-launch (first couple weeks), the Play Pass can be obtained for $2/month, and it will continue that way for a year. Once the year is completed, you would have to pay $5/month. If you can sign up during the post-launch, try to do it. Why miss a great chance like this?

What’s the best feature about Google Play Pass?

Even though the reduced cost is already a great feature, there is another best feature accessibility. Once a subscribed user upgrades the Play Pass, he or she will be able to share it with family members with zero cost. The number of family members would be five, so you can’t share it more than that. There are a lot of subscription packages such as:

  • Monument Valley
  • Risk
  • Terraria
  • Stardew Valley
  • AccuWeather
  • Facetune
  • Star Wars: Knight of the old republic

These are just some of the apps and games. However, you will be able to find more apps on a regular basis. The users will get the chance to enjoy unique apps, and those apps will satisfy your needs.

What differ Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass?

The Apple Arcade doesn’t include both apps and games, but Google Play Pass has both. If you are considering the games on Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade, you will not be able to find exclusive games that are for Apple devices because that’s not how Google Play Pass works. You can enjoy Google Play Pass if you have android, just the opposite of Apple Arcade.

The main focus of Google Play Pass is to satisfy the users as much as possible. It is important to let the developers to monetize the apps and to extend the reach. Basically, it is beneficial to both developers and users. The developers have the chance to make their apps and games Play Pass exclusive so that it can be accessed via Play Store. However, it is a choice rather than a compulsion.

Is Google Play Pass advantageous?

The Google Play Pass is a great opportunity for the developers because they get the chance to enjoy a lot of benefits. One of the major benefits is earning royalties. When the users spend time on the apps developed by the developers, the developers will receive royalties. Google will not leave the developers untreated, so there will be a proper model to ensure that the developers get their part.

The benefit of Google Play Pass for the users is that they can obtain important and beneficial data. For example, when there is no payment barrier, the users will enjoy other features. So this will be a learning curve for the developers as they can find the methods and features used by users when there don’t have payment issues. The developers get the chance to get into the shoes of the users and understand what they need. This new plan enhances user satisfaction from all the angles possible. Once you get the subscription plan, you will feel the benefits profoundly.

Once the developers are offered the chance to think creatively, they might come with fantastic ideas. With this plan, developers don’t have to feel the pressure of monetizing their apps; rather, they can focus on making the user experience better.

Unlike before, you don’t have to overlook the paid apps because you have the option to experiment. You can experiment with any amount of apps without paying a penny, and that’s great exposure for you and the developers. The Google Play Pass offers the recognition required for the new apps. All these could be done in a few steps, so it is pretty straightforward.

However, you might have come across, or you will come across the lesser popular apps, too, because Google mentioned them. For example, apps such as Mini Metro, LIMBO, Old Mans Journey, and Lichtspeer. Therefore, this is going to be great exposure for newbie developers and the apps that should get the recognition.

If you sign up for Google Play Pass, you will find the tab on the Play Store. It will on the bottom of the store. This button can be used when you are looking for apps and games on Google Play Pass. You will find a symbol on the screen so that you know you are browsing through Play Pass Ticket.

Wrapping up

That being said, you should know that both Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade go hand in hand. However, there are differences, just like there are similarities. If you are an android user, you are going to need Google Play Pass, and you will love the benefits it covers. Before you sign up, you should make sure to learn the details in-depth so that you don’t have to make the wrong decision. Above all, try to subscribe within the pre-launch period so that you can enjoy the $3 discount for a year. This is considerably huge, so why not!



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