Native Apps or Hybrid Apps — Make a wise choice.

While understanding which apps are better native apps or hybrid apps let us first understand what exactly native apps and hybrid apps are individual. And then debate on native apps vs hybrid apps.

What are native apps?

Native apps are the applications developed specifically for one platform. Native apps have access to use the features of the device such as camera, contacts, etc. it is built in one specific programming language either iOS or Android.

Benefits of native app


Fast speed

Native apps offer a fast responsive and authentic functioning user experience. Since native apps are native to the platform they are developed for so they provide a faster user experience.

They tend to work even offline
Native apps are the applications whose basic features tend to work even in offline mode that is without internet connectivity. React native development services develop the app in such a way that it does not require the internet for its basic functioning.

Faster native code
The heavy graphic applications and animations will perform well on the native apps as compared to hybrid apps. As the native code is faster than that of HTML or javascript. These aspect ratios are also maintained for improving graphics quality.


Do not have to compromise with UI/UX

Through platform conventions, you can easily match the UI/UX of the application. Thus you will not have to compromise with the UI/UX.

Disadvantages of native apps

Different codebases

Native apps do not have the same codebase for different platforms. Hence it can be time-consuming to build the same application and features with a different codebase. The iOS app will not run on Android and vice versa. Both of them will need different codebases.

Costs more
Native apps need bigger cost estimates to develop and build. As well as to maintaining and keeping the app updated on different platforms need more cost. Each platform will need its own updates and release cycle. Also, separate developmental efforts for each platform are confusing.
How Native apps are developed?

Native apps are developed in different ways some of them are -

Java — For developing native apps java is one of the most preferred languages for android. java secures the native code from a memory leak. java is mainly used for developing enterprise applications. java is also the primary choice for developers when it comes to android app development.

Kotlinkotlin is a statically typed programming language that interoperates with java. but as compared to java kotlin provides extensive features. kotlin has been better and has higher compatibility with native apps and offers better performance.

Swift — Swift is a programming language for IOS platforms. swift eliminates unsafe codes and executes the code that combines the safety as well as a design pattern in an efficient way. swift uses modern programming technology with is more hassle-free. swift is a better and faster way of bug fixing than objective c. as in objective c errors cannot get fixed while writing codes.

Hybrid apps
A hybrid app is a combination of a native app and a web app. You can download the app from platforms where you install native apps but when you open the application it seems like a web app. Hybrid apps like web apps are built with javascript, HTML, etc.
Benefits of hybrid apps

One codebase
Of all the different advantages of hybrid apps, the most important is that it does not require different codebases for different systems. Instead of building two apps for two different platforms, it needs only one. So you will have only one codebase to manage.

Time and money-saving
As hybrid apps need only one codebase so to maintain one codebase you need less time than looking after two different codebases. Also, hybrid app developers are less expensive as compared to react native development services for native apps.

Disadvantages of hybrid apps

Disadvantages of hybrid apps

Poor performance
The biggest disadvantage of a hybrid app is its performance. Hybrid apps load in the browser and hence they show poor performance running. The performance of the browser is surely improved but hasn’t reached the level of native apps.

Tough cross-platform development
It is easier to install the hybrid app but running it on different platforms takes a lot of work. Sometimes the cost of this cross-platform development can be equal to fully developing native apps.

Graphics and other performance
Applications with high-quality graphics may not work as well as compared to native apps. For example, 3D and HD games. This was about hybrid apps. Instagram is one of the leading hybrid apps.

How to develop hybrid apps?

How to develop hybrid apps?

Hybrid apps are usually developed using java development platforms. One of the most predominant frameworks used for building a hybrid app in react native. React Native is a JavaScript framework that renders mobile applications for iOS and Android.

React native allows cross-platform development important for hybrid apps. It solves the problem of using different codebases for each platform and eases the process. There are several react native development services available today that will help in building react native app.

It is an extensively used and reliable platform in cross-platform development. React native development company will reduce the cost and time consumed in the process of developing a native app.

Some advantages of react-native app development -

  • Code can be reused — react-native provides an opportunity for 90% reusing the code. Thus, simplifying the job for react native app development. This definitely minimizes the cost as well as time consumption.
  • Enhances performance — react native app development services use controls and features that enhance the performance of the apps. The generated codes are translated to native APIs by react-native by interacting with native components of iOS and Android.

There are several other frameworks for hybrid app development too such as xamarin, flutter, etc.

Thus, even if hybrid apps have some drawbacks react native app development solves all of them. Did you know that amazon prime and skype one of the most extensively used applications were developed from React Native? Yes, that’s true. Also, React Native was developed and maintained by Facebook.


It is hard and complicated to conclude which app is better. Both of them have certain advantages and disadvantages at the same time. It is an individual aspect of which app is better for them and their business. The main difference between both of them is about having an individual app for an individual platform or the same app for all different platforms.

It is also important to find the right app developer whether for a native app or hybrid app. For hybrid apps, there is a wide range of options in react native development services for React native app development framework. Similarly, for native apps, there are several companies offering a good deal. Choose wisely according to your business criteria.

hybrid apps are developed by react native app development company inefficient way to allow cross-platform development whereas in native apps it is tough to do so. But both of them perform quite identically. So it is upon you to choose your ideal app. And even keeping several other factors such as budget, deadline, and competing factors of business in mind.



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