Top 10 steps to design Brilliant Mobile UI.

5 min readJul 8, 2022


Design brilliant UI for Mobile Apps

What about a mobile application attracts the target consumers’ attention? People may have different perspectives on this; some may like a mobile app with a unique feature set, while others may choose a specially created User Interface and User Experience.

Whatever the case, app developers in mobile app development services for Android and iOS must provide consumers with a seamless experience.

However, your mobile app’s design is also crucial. Another figure states that designs account for 94% of first impressions. As a result, it is easy for you to see the importance of User Interface and User Experience when building an app.

But the topic is how to make a fantastic UI for a mobile app development that can captivate a wide range of users. A user interface is a crucial tool that attracts users to the programme.

Through straightforward and sophisticated designs, the user interface, or UI, seeks to enhance user engagement. Creating user-centric designs is, in essence, the UI designer’s aim. This should be kept in mind by all mobile app development services.

It’s also true that the UI’s design’s effectiveness and efficiency directly affect the user experience’s success.

The UI goes beyond merely creating a few visually appealing buttons and making the navigation easier. It all depends on how successfully the user can connect to the app.

Therefore, in UI designing, you must emphasize the functionality of the app in addition to aesthetic appeal. The app needs to be user-friendly, and you need to consider numerous design elements like button placement and call-to-actions and system compatibility, i.e. Android app development service or iOS app development service.

  • The UI Designers Must Put Clarity First

Including visual components in the design process is one of the crucial aspects that keeps UI designers on their toes. Because their goal is to build a connection with the user, they appear to be worried about how the app will ultimately look.

The user interface shouldn’t be difficult to understand or complicated; everything should be obvious. Make the language simpler and avoid creating any ambiguity. As an iPhone app development company in India or worldwide, keep the design as straightforward as possible.

Avoid stuffing your app with a lot of extra words. When it comes to interface, this won’t have a good effect.

  • Utilize well-known buttons or call-to-action

The UI designers want to use distinctive buttons and icons when creating the interface.

Create buttons that are simpler to recognize, such as designating the delete choice with the colour red.

Mobile App development Company in India must remember that a user of your software should be familiar with the call-to-action keys before using them for the first time.

  • Enhancing the App’s Performance

The app shouldn’t lag in terms of navigation performance. It should be remembered that one of the surveys found that 53 % of users lose interest in mobile app development because of a sluggish pace.

Additionally, it has a detrimental effect on how well the app works. Even while the screen is loading, you can request feedback. The users will stay up to date on events thanks to this.

A highly responsive app will function flawlessly on numerous devices and across many operating systems, including Android and iOS.

  • Select the Correctly Sized Fonts

Whether a website or a mobile app, the font is crucial in how the interface will turn out.

Therefore, the UI designers must make a clear decision when selecting the font for the application in terms of style and size. Avoid using typefaces that are difficult to read despite being highly appealing.

The text size and background colour should also coordinate with the interface design.

It must be appropriate; neither should it be too big, making it impossible to modify the complete text, nor should it be too small, making it difficult to read the content.

  • Making it Appealing to the Eye is crucial.

While it’s commendable that you’re making every effort to incorporate the best features and functions into the app, it also needs to be aesthetically appealing to the target audiences if you want to draw in more users for app development services.

If your app requires it, the best method to accomplish that goal is to include some animations. We know that fashion is evolving, and movies have mostly supplanted static graphics and animations in recent years.

This is one small technique in UI designing that can be used to improve the programme’s functionality.

You can also follow through on your promise to do something original. Here, you may employ CSS to its fullest extent to provide life to your user interface.

  • Simple is Best

Keeping things simple is one of the hardest things to do. Being minimalist in design is not always the best method to keep things simple.

It indicates that a new user doesn’t need to go through a comprehensive set of instructions or tutorials to utilize the programme. With a straightforward user interface, a user can do several tasks in a short time, and it doesn’t matter which interface they use.

  • Designing for accessibility is quite essential.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that users will interact with mobile apps using their fingers, not pointers, while creating them. The spatial arrangement of all design features must consider the thicker fingers as a result, the design must make it simple to use with taps and finger typing.

  • Keep Up with the Most Recent UI/UX Trends

The UI designers must ensure they are knowledgeable about the most recent developments in mobile app design. Nothing is constant since trends are constantly changing.

Your app will fall behind in the fierce competition if you don’t keep up with what’s currently popular, and there is no other way to stand out.

  • Beta testing must be carried out.

Once the designing process is complete, the UI designers should also participate in beta testing.

Beta testing is crucial to understand how the app design is functioning and whether any issues need to be fixed.

  • Include actual users

Real users should be consulted for their thoughts and opinions because your perspective as a UI designer will likely be biased.

This might aid your comprehension and evaluation of the elements you should incorporate and those you should omit.

To minimize any confusion or extra work, it is best to complete this step as soon as possible. By doing this, you will avoid having to redo anything and wasting time and energy in the process.


We’ve now seen how UI designers can produce a fantastic User Interface and instantly capture the interest of mobile consumers.

A mobile app is simpler to create, but when you employ some exceptional strategies, you produce a terrific product that is highly valuable to the audience.

Having stated that, you should concentrate on providing simplicity while creating appealing designs.




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