What Are The New Benefits Of Android Q3?

Android which has acquired a huge amount of customer base in several countries is coming up with improved versions now and then. The new Android Q3 has shown credible improvements in areas such as security and privacy, digital protection, and innovation. It also supports the upcoming 5G technology.

There are many benefits that Android Q3 has introduced for their customers and they are surely getting good response towards it. Here are 10 new benefits of Android Q3.


  1. Privacy

Android Q3 has given a specific amount of attention on improving the privacy of users. It has strengthened the existing protection policy and created the new features keeping privacy at its main focus. Users are provided control and transparency about how their information is gathered and kept by apps and by Android phones. Android Q3 allows users to decide when the applications can access their location. For example, only when the application is running, every time, or never.

2. Security

To improve the security of users, Android Q3 has expanded its Biometric Prompt authentication. It will assist biometrics. Android Q3 also provides support to TLS 1.3 which is an update of the TLS standard. The update contains good performance benefits and better security. Results show that secured connections can be accessed with TLS 1.3 at a much faster rate than the older TLS 1.2.

3. Innovation

Android Q3 has developed a lot of benefits and features through innovation. They are providing new and improved experience by combining hardware and software components.

4. 5G Networks

5G Networks are the next best thing introduced in Android Q3. They generate a full user-satisfaction with their faster speed. According to the developers, 5G technology can unveil new and amazing experiences for users. Android Q3 provides full support for using 5G technology. It expands the APIs to assist you to change your applications for the 5G technology.

5. Dark Theme

Dark Theme is a very popular feature that is in high demand these days. As some users prefer downloading an application that contains a UI with a dark theme mode so that they can switch it on when there is low light around. It helps in saving the battery of your phone and also minimizes the strain on eyes.

To enable the Dark Theme mode:

6. Foldables

Android Q3 has come with the amazing foldable display ability. The foldable devices have arrived in the Android industry from many top foldable device developers. These foldable devices work simply as a phone and when unfolded, they acquire the design of a beautiful tablet and work like one.

7. Live Captions

Android AI is working consistently to make improvements in the Operating System so that it can become more efficient. This way it can reach a variety of people. Live Caption is an innovation in Android Q3. Captions are very suitable for as they help you to watch a video and understand the dialogues even in a crowded or noisy place. People who are deaf or have a hearing problem depends specifically on captions for streaming videos. The Live caption feature is a boon for them. It will automatically generate captions for users while they are watching videos on their Android Q3 V phones or doing any other stuff. It also doesn’t need an Internet connection as everything is done on the device itself.

8. Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is another area of focus for Android Q3. It will provide users the tools and ways to maintain a balance in their usage of phones and their external lives. Earlier tools such as App Timers, Wind Down Mode, Dashboards, and Flip to Shush were introduced to help people in managing their screen time. These tools performed well and are helping users to find and bring a balance in digital devices and other works.

9. Parental Controls

Android Q3 enables this feature so that parents can have control over their children’s activities. The Family Link feature is located in the settings on your device. It helps parents to connect to another device that their child I using. It can be used to fix and restrict the screen time, check apps that the child is using, check any application that the child is interested in and can fix a device sleep time.

10. Focus Mode

This feature is designed for times when people want to focus on a specific thing like studying, eating, or working. Focus mode allows you to silence some apps which you find disturbing or distracting. This mode can be applied on any of the application and the rest apps will remain on active mode. For example, silencing social media and their notifications while g-mail is still on active mode.

So, these were some of the best new benefits introduced in Android Q3, customers can thoroughly go through them and can get a proper idea about them to decide before purchasing Android phones.



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